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EA3/HB9FR/p 2004 Lighthouse Weekend

21 + 22 August 2004

A special thank you goes to Mrs Núria Munõz i Bonet, Responsable de l'Aera protegida de les Iles Medes who allowed us to set up an amateur radio station on Meda Gran Island during the Lighthouse Weekend  21 + 22 August 2004.

The EA3/HB9FR/p team members were:

On tuesday 19 August 2004 we left Fribourg in western Switzerland and travelled by car to the City of Empuria Brava (Costa Brava) in Spain.
There we prepared HB9CZD's sailing ship "Ulysse".

On Friday 20 August we sailed from Empuria Brava to the harbor of L'Estartit.

During the Lighthouse Weekend Activity 21 + 22 August we could reach the 1000 QSO mark.

Thes Station was:
Kenwood Transceiver TS-850S running 100 Watts
Mutiband Dipol Antenna

A great thank you goes to Jean-Pierre, HB9CZD, for the idea and the short sailing trip with his sailing ship "Ulysse".

Many thanks to all who made this activity possible and we enjoyed all the QSOs.

Manfred HB9ACA, Herbert HB9BOU, Eugen HB9BQP and Jean-Pierre, HB9CZD, the sailorman.

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