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3B9SP DX Operation 2012

20 December 2012 News   

Our QSL Manager Manfred, HB9ACA, hes sent out yesterday the first 500 OQRS Bureau cards
14 December 2012 News

The 3B9SP QSL cards arrived end November, and the first direct cards (Post and OQRS) have already been sent out. A great thank you to Gennady, UX5UO, for his fast and excellent print service. Manfred, HB9ACA, will start to send out the OQRS bureau cards after he handled the direct cards rush. The 3B9SP QSL card can be seen here.
16 November 2012 News

We would like to express our thank to the DX-community worldwide for the cooperation and understanding we were able to notice during the 8 days of our DX operation.

We thank all of you for your kind words both in e-mails and on the air. Thank you also for the nice comments you made in our guestbook, which showed us that we were on the right way. You were one part of the success this operation had.   Read more......
15 November 2012 News

The 3B9SP QSL cards have been ordered and will be printed soon. Thank you to all for using the OQRS on Clublog.
24 October 2012 News

Today is the last day of the 3B9SP DX Operation. The last QSO was made at 04:40 UTC. We spent the whole day dismounting and packing antennas and equipment. At 18:00 local time (14:00 UTC) all was done. Tomorrow we will leave Rodrigues and fly back home via Mauritius.
Thank you very much to all for the QSOs and the cooperation. We ended with more than 24'000 QSOs
OQRS QSLing will be enabled soon via ClubLog.
The QSL cards will be ordered next week. Please be aware that we will start to send out the QSL cards as soon as we get them from the print office. This will also take time.
The 3B9SP Team

22 October 2012 News

Today we had the pleasure having Robert, 3B9FR, with us. We had a great day together.
21 October 2012 News

This night we had the first 160m QSOs. Hope that more will be possible the next days.
50 MHz was again open to Aisa. The 50 MHz station is running daytime on 50.095 MHz, we call in regular intervals.
Equipment is running well. Had no other power failures.
See you on the bands
18 October 2012 News

Happy that the strong winds stopped. Much easier for us, no antenna to care about today.
Could make the first QSOs on 80m last night.
We also had a nice 50MHz opening to Asia, JA, 9M2, BY with excellent signals. Hope that we will have other openings.
All frequency jumping problems have been fixed, thanks to all for your infos and help.
17 October 2012 News

Last night was bad. Had a big power failure. A power transformator who supplys the part of the island where we are staying failed. We only got power back at 04:00 local time (00:00 UTC).
The wind was still very strong and we had some static rain. We tried to go on 80m before the power failure, but it wasn’t possible to work because the static noise, extremely high and noisy.
The 15m CW frequency problems have been solved.
The 20m and 15m RTTY problems should be ok.
We just had our second power failure, but only 1 hour this time (10:15 UTC)
We will again try 80m this night.
We will call on 50.095 MHz for three minutes every full hour and half hours (during day time and as as often as possible).

Thank you very much for your help and infos, we appreciate.
16 October 2012 News

Thank you to all for the QSO's. We could upload the first log to ClubLog this morning. The Internet connection is slow, but we will try to upload the logs os often as possible.
All antennas are up, both Spiderbeams are running well. Could complete the Butternut HF2V installation this morning. We do have 2 stations running, Digi Modes Station will be ready soon.
The winds caused by the tropical storm Anais didn't help. We had to deal with the these winds as we tried to raise the Spiderbeams.
15 October 2012 News

Antennas and station installation is on the way. High winds are making it a bit difficult. Hoping to be ready for the evening.

14 October 2012 News

After a 24 hour trip we arrived well on Rodrigues. All equipment is with us. After a first check we were pleased that we had no dammage and all seems to be ok. We started to unpack and preparing to installation.

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