Who are we :

The Amateur Radio Group Radio 7 Team, DX and Contest Club, was founded on 4th July 1984. The group has been formed with the aim to provide opportunities to its members to conduct research, especially in antennas, to enhance their technical radio knowledge and operating skills, to participate in amateur radio contests and activities, and to do this with appropriate and modern technical equipment.

The Club call sign is


Meanwhile, HB9FR is providing as core activity technical assistance and support to the  HB4FR"Clin d'Ailes" Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club in Payerne (Switzerland). There our objective is to interest young people, but also a wider public in radio technology, and technology and science in general. Therefore all Radio 7 Team members are part of the HB4FR Clin d’Ailes Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club, most in leading positions.


The HB9FR members are:

  • HB9ACA, Manfred
  • HB9BOI, Michel
  • HB9BOU, Herbert
  • HB9BQP, Eugen
  • HB9CHR, Pierre-André
  • HB9CZD, Jean-Pierre
  • HB9DMN, Raymond
  • HB9HFN, Cédric
  • HB9SLO, Bertrand
  • HB9TYJ, Alain

Our clubs or members participate in many world wide amateur radio activities, like radio contests.

HB9BOU, Herbert, assisted by HB9ACA, Manfred, and HB9SLO, Bertrand, also run the QSL (radio contact confirmation card) service for the United Nationa Headquarters Amateur Radio Station, with the call sign 4U1UN, located in the United Nations Headquarters Building in New York.


Our Ultrabeam antenna for 40m to 6m:

Our current antenna setup consists of:

- 160m:      dipole
- 80m:        dipole
- 40m:        dipole
- 40m-6m:  Ultrabeam, 4 elements on 10/12/15/17/20m,
3 elements on 30/40m, 7 elements on 6m
- 20m:        Hy-Gain Long John 5 element mono band beam

2m / 70 cm Satellite Station

We have 20 guests and no members online